2019 xr650r

I t was a fitting first ride. The Dominator had been assembled for about a week when it crossed the border at San Ysidro. Two days later, they would return. The Dominator, a newly refurbished Honda XRR, was as strong as the day it rolled off the assembly line. The Junior Dominator, however, was on the other end of a tow rope.

If motorcycles have egos, it was humiliated. It was a legalized XRR that had made the Mexico run perhaps one too many times, and maybe, just maybe, it knew it was scheduled to be replaced by its bigger companion. It may well have died from a broken heart. The XRR had been a good bike, but it was a placeholder.

That spot in the Mark K garage had long been reserved for an XRR, which, as anyone worth his salsa will tell you, is the gold standard of Baja bikes. There had been a sitting there years ago. That one was the original Dominator, so named after it was gone. A passive search continued for years. Honda Rs appear in the for-sale ads on a regular basis. They tend to be ridden hard and want for attention. Nothing breaks, so nothing gets replaced.

The bike was produced from toso even the newest R is going to be about 10 years old, and most will have every original part aside from tires and chain. In order to take the name Dominator 2, it would have to have very low time and show no abuse. In springthe search turned up a candidate.

In fact, it had been crashed and parked. So even though it was a little rusty and a little bent, it got the nod, and project Dominator was on.The cc single-cylinder engine is air-cooled for simplicity, and offers legendary reliability, even under harsh conditions. Electric starting means getting underway is a snap, and an integral engine counterbalance means it runs smooth.

Off-road it has the power, suspension and durability a dirt rider demands. On-road its light overall weight and excellent fuel efficiency make it the perfect co If there is such a thing as a perfect recipe, then the recipe Honda used when it created the XRL is it. Needing no introduction, the model year carries on the same amazing features which have transformed this bike into a dual-sport benchmark.

Even after all these years, the XRL remained virtually unchanged, a living testimony of how cool a dual sport machine can in fact be.

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Tall, muscular, slender and enduring, the XRL is a true ride the world bike, if you can manage carrying some extra fuel with you. Air-adjustable suspensions, true dual-sport wheels, a simple and reliable single-cylinder engine architecture and excellent l One of Honda's iconic motorcycles and at the same time, one of the industry's benchmarks in dual sport, the XRL is truly one bike which can do it all.

Adventure riding, on and off the road, in and out of the city, enduro or highway hauls across the interstate, the XRL is there to deliver.

Its bulletproof engine puts massive power and torque at hand, being ready to tackle bot The Honda XREhas five speed, with scheduling that allows the use of power and torque, requiring less exchange marches.

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This model is equipped with electric start, fuel tank with a capacity of The ergonomic seat is secured by two levels, which focuses on confort and offers great fit next to the tank.

The MY Honda XRL has, at its heart, a liquid-cooled, four-stroke, cc, single cylinder powerhouse mated to a five-speed manual transmission, and can produce a claimed 61 horsepower and 64 Nm of torque. It also boasts standard feature such as laced wheels with knobby tires mounted on them, a large, high-mounted exhaust system, a 46mm Kayaba telescopic fork, a Pro-Link Kayaba adjusta The XRL is one of the most acclaimed dual-sport bikes ever made, a trend-setter and a benchmark at the same time.

Retaining the full maneuverability of the quarter-liter bikes, this one brings the might of the big-bore power unit in a package loaded with touring and off-road worthy features which will put a big smile on every rider's face.

Long-travel pro-grade Showa suspensions make Honda XRL is one of the dual-sport legends and the model year carries on the acclaimed heritage.

2019 xr650r

Engineered for those for whom motorcycles must not stop where the asphalt ends, the XRL blends in the city ride comfort with the sturdiness and dependability of off-road machines.

Built with technologies derived from the bikes which won the Bajathe XRL is as potent in the di Generation after generation, dual-sport riders acknowledge the Honda XRL as one of the benchmarks in reliability and versatility. Created to deliver in almost any condition and provide the riders with a thrill-laden experience, the XRL retains the features which have helped it remain at the top of the segment throughout the years.

The bike sports long-travel air-adjustable suspensi If you like the XRL street-legal machine but are looking for a true enduro model with more refined tuning for really hard terrain, then the XRR might be the right choice. In the desert, the bike feels at home, and so will it when you hit the wet forest trails. With a lightweight aluminium frame and race-derived suspensions, the XRR also boasts HRC-inspired graphics to match i Born two years ago, the XR Motard has an air cooled, four stroke, single cylinder, cc engine which can develop 34 horsepower at rpm and a maximum torque of 34 Nm at rpm.

On or off the road, the XRL is pure joy. One of the few true dual-sport bikes left in the industry, this machine is the perfect treat for those who value exceptional terrainability blended with street-legal equipment, lightweight construction and Honda's bulletproof bike-making heritage.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

General : Everything is included to mount this carb to your bike. This kit is well suited for stock and mildly modified engines. A more powerful, easier to start XRR What more could you want? We offer these kits with an on-body choke assembly, or with remote choke setup. Aftermarket, larger capacity fuel tanks may require the use of a remote choke. This particular item is with the choke located directly on the carburetor body.

Niche Cycle Supply had what I needed at a reasonable price and quick shipping. I had it ordered from another supplier for 3 weeks on backorder.

Finally googled another supplier for the carb, and go figure. Niche had it in stock and for a better deal! Thank you NCS! This is a very nice kit. I bought this body choke version, and installed it the day I received it. The bike runs fantastic.

2019 xr650r

Its a good feeling to know its going to start on the first few kicks. Overall running performance is greatly improved.

XR650L / R '93-'19

I ended up getting the parts from Niche to convert the body choke to a remote choke. Its not much of a difference, but I like it better. We don't have any first hand experience using our R kit on a L model. The carburetor should fit, but you may have issues with the cables.A tripletree-mounted front fender leaves plenty of room for almost a foot of front suspension travel. Cheek fairings shroud the engine and direct the cooling air, and a stubby fuel tank and bench seat finish out the flylines in a decidedly dirt-tastic fashion.

Seat height falls out in the nosebleed section at inches tall; tiptoe zone for many riders, but necessary to accommodate the generous suspension travel. Flank panels below the two-up bench seat enclose the subframe area and guard the central-mount muffler. Honda may be right about this being an all-road bike, but at the end of the day it comes off looking like pure dirt. Steering geometry measures out at 4 inches of trail with 27 degrees of steering-head rake, numbers that provide a certain amount of stability while retaining some agility.

Showa provides the suspension components with a set of 43 mm forks up front and monoshock in back. The forks come with air-adjustable preload and position compression damping while the Pro-Link rear shock sports adjustable spring preload and position, compression- and rebound-damping adjustment. At Laced wheels drive that point home even further with a single disc on both ends to manage braking duties with a twin-pot caliper to bite the front disc and a single-piston caliper pinching the rear.

At 21 inches, the front wheel is capable of negotiating some pretty rough stuff, as is the 18 incher that brings up the rear. Street-knobbies do provide decent traction on the hard, but you had better respect them or you will find yourself in a lowsider one day, and probably sooner rather than later. If there are any remaining questions about the intended use of this ride, the 13 inches of ground clearance should remove all ambiguities.

This bike is built for the bumpy stuff, no doubt about it. An air-cooled thumper drives the ride with a mm bore and 82 mm stroke that gives us a total displacement of cc. A single over-head cam times the four-valve head, and a mild, 8.

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Oh, and carburetor fans rejoice! The powerplant still uses a Power output is around 40 ponies, and top speed is around mph, way faster than you should ever go on knobbies, says I. I find this simplicity to be refreshing, and feel like this ride will be easy for the lay-mechanic to maintain; a huge selling point in my book, especially on a bike that may see service well off the beaten path. The lines between dual-sport and adventure bike vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and at first I was tempted to draw the KLR from Kawasaki.

A small fairing and windshield give it too much of an adventure-bike look that makes it seem like more bike than it really is, so in spite of the similarities, I have to cast it aside for the difference in looks if nothing else. Suzuki saves the day with its DR S, an almost identical twin to the XR with the same clamp-mount front mudguard and similar flylines all the way back. The two mills measure out exactly the same at cc but where Honda claims around 40 ponies, Suzuki claims Close, but enough of a difference to mention.The Honda XRL is a legendary bike.

But because of how brutally perfect it is for serious off-road adventures. Fully street legal, thousands of riders use it as a brilliant commuter.

But when the road ends and the trails start, an entire generation of riders has proven that this is the machine you want, because it never lets you down. Its ultra-tough cc overhead-cam engine has torque and power to spare.

2015 - 2020 Honda XR650L

Long-travel suspension is trail proven, and easily tames the gnarliest pavement. The XRL is the dual-sport that rolls up its sleeves and gets the job done. Electric from the First Moment On. Rocky uphill section? Stop-and-go traffic? No problem. Starting on the XRL is easy, thanks to the push-button electric starter with an automatic decompression system.

The XRL is designed to be tougher than the trail with rugged construction, sturdy steel frame, and simple air-cooling. Few motorcycles offer truly broadband dual-sport performance, but the legendary XRL is equally at home on the road and in the dirt.

Whether your travels include dirt roads, single-track trails, highways or byways, the XRL opens the door to riding adventure like few motorcycles ever have. Forthe much-beloved XRL is ready to expand your riding horizons as well. Looking for a new dual-sport bike? These days, you have a lot of good machines to choose from. And a Honda starts looking better and better. Taken together, they elevate your new Honda XRL far above other similar machines.

Long-Travel Front Suspension With a full Street-Legal Features Fully equipped for the street—including turn signals, license-plate light, mirrors, speedometer and more. Electric Starter Adventure is just the push of a button away. In addition, its proven powerplant requires very little maintenance. With the engine oil in the frame, the frame itself acts like a giant oil cooler. Initial rates are soft for supple action over small bumps and ripples, while increasingly stiffer rates resist bottoming and maintain rear-wheel control over rougher surfaces.

Sealed Battery No maintenance hassles here, even in case of an off-road tip over. The sealed battery has plenty of cranking power for the electric starter, and is well protected from the vibrations of off-road riding.

Passenger Ready With a passenger grab strap, folding passenger pegs, a long MX-style seat and plenty of Honda power, the XRL lets you carry a passenger with ease. Transferable one-year, unlimited-mileage limited warranty; extended coverage available with a Honda Protection Plan. Team Suzuki Press Office — January You must be logged in to post a comment.

News Ticker. Length Width Height 49 in. Seat Height Wheelbase Fuel Capacity 2.If ever there was a bike that failed because it was too good, it was the Honda XRR. It arrived at the beginning of the millennium as a replacement for the air-cooled Honda XRR.

The new, liquid-cooled was a purpose-built, high-speed Baja cruiser designed for the obsessive goal of winning the Mexican Bruce Ogilvie made the bike come to life through sheer willpower after years of painfully campaigning his aging fleet of XRRs against the faster and lighter Kawasaki KXs. It went into the Worst Timing Hall of Fame.

The age of the had arrived.

Honda Xr650r - $4000

Motocross bikes upsized to four-strokes, then rally bikes downsized to s. It turned out that no one wanted to ride across the desert at over mph, so there was no room for a heavyweight off-road race bike in the new age, no matter how good it was.

There was no room for the XRR. Eight years have passed since the XRR was discontinued. Oddly enough, the air-cooled bike that it was supposed to replace is still around, now called the XRL dual-sport bike.

They are sought out and horded by those who know what they are and have a need for something that can go very fast and far. This is one of very few Rally Raid-type events taking place in North America. No arrows, no ribbons, no pre-running—only your road book and a GPS, just like Dakar.

The XR project was a more serious effort at being competitive. It started about four months ago and was completed just in time for Cortez. Unfortunately, Mark was sidelined with a shoulder injury, and so the bike was diverted into our hands.

Suzuki DR650 vs DR-Z400

If the original XRR had become street-legal and had electric start, maybe it would still be here. The Cruiser had at least half of that formula. It originated from Montana and came with a license tag.

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Mark made plans to install an electric starter but never got that far. Baja Designs discontinued the kit it once sold, and most of the others are more rumor than fact. The best idea we heard was to install the motor from the TRX quad, which is a project for some other day.

Beyond that, a rally has some very specific equipment requirements. The road-book holder and electric advance motor all came out of the Raiden parts boxes and are the same Aurora products that most of the Dakar guys use. The Acerbis tank holds 6. The fairing is a very specialized item. It was originally manufactured in the U. Now, a company in Greece called Perfect Fairing has the tooling and should be able to make them available on a special-order basis.

A seat from Seat Concepts was also installed. The front wheel has a mm rotor, which was originally designed for Supermoto.

Then the setup went much as you would expect for a high-speed racer. Neither of those items had to be explained to us, although we admit that a stock XR is pretty stable without any modifications at all.While upgrades and improvements to current models are always exciting and welcomed news, the announcement of the all-new CRFL is something that really took us by surprise, and ought to make some big waves in the motorcycle world.

Honda has always been known as one of, if not the most conservative manufacturers, so for Big Red to step out and break the mold like this is pretty awesome. Having the ability to legally ride on- and off-road, as any dual-sport rider can attest to, is a big deal, and it truly opens up a world of opportunities. You can now go basically wherever you want. This essentially translates to higher performance capabilities. The meat and bones of all three bikes are essentially the same, but each is tweaked and tuned differently for its own purpose.

Off-roading not really your thing? Or, imagine the L with inch supermoto wheels and tires.

2019 xr650r

Are we getting warmer yet? The CRFL is lighter than even the two smallest cc dual-sports mentioned above. I know I would, and maybe even plan to now… Who knows? The aforementioned dual-sports can tackle most light off-roading and fire roads with ease and more moderate terrain in stockish trim, too — sure, why not?

2019 xr650r

Before you say the other bikes can do what real dirtbikes can do, know that for the most part I agree with you, and yes, the XR has dominated Baja in the past. Any bike in the right hands is capable of just about anything. A few kicks later and it came back to life. Ride the CRFL on the road and right onto the trail. So easy, even a caveman can do it. The world is your oyster. The amount of fun you can have on a supermoto should be illegal.

So get after it while you can! With two sets of wheels and tires, you could have the ultimate motorcycle. R Spec Sheet Shootout One platform, endless possibilities Don't Miss Stories on Motorcycle. Share this Article.

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